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Comprehensive and continuous solutions for every skin type

Our professionals have a wide spectrum of therapeutic products, daily skincare solutions and treatment protocols that create and maintain healthy skin.

Le Boudoir’s Services

Come experience the secrets of beauty.

ZO multi-hydroquinone system rx

Ranging from skin care to complete renewal, you will shine brighter than ever before. Only after specialist consultation.

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ZO aggressive anti-aging program

Reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles while promoting an even-looking skin tone. Only available after professional consultation.

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“My Mission is to create skin that is healthly, youthful and vibrant, fulfilling my definition of skin health”.

You don’t have to just believe our services, simply ask our customers.

Your own professional beauty mentor

Discover modern skin care

Exhausted from purchasing an overwhelming number of jars and tubes but not seeing any effects and chucking them or giving away to others?
Don’t feel like spending your time inspecting every single ingredient in your skin care even though that is the only way to make the right choices for your daily routine?
Don’t have the opportunity to pay visits to beauty salons but your skin is problematic and in need of professional attention?
Can’t decide on a present for your friend or a special gift for your mother?
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Satisfying our clients

In Le Boudoir Treatment Lounge we will help you make the right choice of professional skin care based precisely on your age, current epidermis condition, time of year and your budget, after which we will keep monitoring the results until the desired effect is reached.
We will gently assist you in organising your vanity cabinet, with all your preferences firmly in mind: aroma, texture of your regular skin care, approximate time spent in the bathroom.
The professionals at Le Boudoir Treatment Lounge will educate you on how to apply skin care correctly – how much to use, when, on what area and explain the order of the process.
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Normalizing skin function for daily skin health

Experience an awakening cleanse.

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